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Our cat cattery is engaged in rare breeds of cats TOYGER and TIGRETT. Both breeds are quite new in felinology, but already have a lot of fans. Toygers and tigretts are descended from the Bengal cat, the founder of which is the Asian Leopard Cat.


Nevertheless, these breeds have significant differences from the Bengal cat and between themselves in appearance and character.

Toygers are the largest of all, with bright tiger stripes, bright orange hair, and (ideally) light white breasts, although we are leading a new line of breeding silver cats. The character is majestic and independent, although they love the owner's companionship and will gladly accompany him on a walk or a journey.

Tigrettes are smaller, similar in size to the Bengal cat, and are the most affectionate. They love to play and be with people. In their blood there are American curls, from which the tigretts inherited affectionate character. In addition, the curls gave them characteristic swirling back ears. The colors of this breed are very diverse: from dark browns to snow, silver, and cinnamon. They are characterized not only by strips but also by elongated and closed rosettes, as well as their various combinations.

Toygers and tigretts have a characteristic brilliance (glitter), which makes them particularly irresistible in the sun.

Whatever breed of them you choose, they will be your loyal friends and wonderful pets.

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