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All of our cats live as a family and have a good socialization. Our kittens are used to living with people and they know dogs.

They are in good health and the kittens’ parents are tested for FIV / FeLV, PRA-b and PKDef.


Toygers are registered in TICA while Tigrett is an experimental breed in WCF.


  Each kitten leaves us no earlier than 13-16 weeks old, chipped, vaccinated twice against cat flu / Panleukopenia, dewormed multiple times, and free of parasites.


  All pet kittens will be neutered before leaving our cattery. There are no exceptions.


  Other vaccines and tests can be arranged at the buyer's cost.



  The following comes with each kitten:


  - Chip and passport

  - Antiparasitic treatments

  - Desexing

  - Purchase contract

  - Pedigree

  - Lifetime support


The price depends on quality, colour and pattern of the kittens. For registered breeders cats can be sold for breeding purposes.


 Potential buyers are generally scared by the price.

  A good breeder already has high expenses even before starting their hatchery. You must purchase one or more breeding cats and test them on a variety of diseases. A pedigree cat comes at a price, and a reproduction-quality cat costs twice as much, and for an exhibition-reproduction-quality cat you have to spend even more.

  Also, as a reputable breeder, we have no more than one litter per year per cat to give them the necessary rest periods between fatiguing litters. Other costs stem from membership in breeding clubs, veterinary care, health certificates, testing, high-quality food, pedigree registration, and much more. Also, enough space should also be provided for cats, appropriate equipment should be purchased and maintained at an added expense on the breeder.

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