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Tigrett cats are very rare cats- a new breed created 2013 by Scarlett Fink cat breeder.

The name „Tigrett“ includes the term „Tiger / Tigre“, as well as the first name of the creator of this breed „Scarlett“.

They are designer cats created by selection. 

Tigrett cats are registered by WCF as new experimental breed.


Tigretts have slightly curled ears. They are always mackerel tabby cats. Their markings should be as dramatic as possible and should be highly contrasted. Their color could be brown (black), cinnamon, silver (black), silver point, lynx, mink or blue, but always whited or with a whited expression. Their coat is short, luxurious, soft, velvety and glittered. Their tummies are always white or with a whited expression.


Tigrett cats are medium to large sized cats. Their eyes are small and round, and are green, copper or blue in color. Their tail is long, rounded at the top, and always ends dark, depending on their color, from black to dark brown or dark grey.


Tigretts should look like tigers, they should look massive, not small. They are long and muscular cats. Their facial expression, or their facial markings, should be as pronounced as in a tiger.


The model is always the tiger in appearance and color. Blue, snow, and silver Tigrett cats are said to represent the white tiger in its color variations.


The Tigrett cat is curious, very intelligent, people-oriented, cozy and water-loving.

They are suitable for animal-related therapies. They learn small tricks easily.

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