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If you like big cats and have always dreamed of having one, there is a breed of cats that reproduces a tiger in miniature but with the character of the most affectionate domestic cat. Discover the Toyger breed.

The Toyger cat breed is one of the youngest among domestic cats. It was brought out by the Americans in 1993. The unique tabby stripes are the main signs that distinguish the Toyger. They can be from almost black to brown and yellow-brown colors. At the same time, their wool is not ticked: the stripes are completely dark - from the tip to the skin. The characteristic color of Toyger is a contrast of colors. It should be the maximum in everything: between the color of the tabby stripes and the background, the main color of the back and abdomen, the dark ears inside, and their light surface.

The breed continues to improve, and today the main task is to bring out the new silver-white color of the Toygers and slightly reduce the size of the pet's ears, making them more rounded. Silver Toygers have already been born in our cattery and selection work is underway to improve the breed.

Despite its “wild” appearance, it is a very gentle and affectionate cat. They love the company of people, get along well with both adults and small children. They are not temperamental and feel great, both in the space of a typical apartment and in a spacious house. Toygers have a calm disposition, of course, they are not averse to playing, but on the whole, they are balanced and calm animals. Toygers love to communicate, the range of sounds emitted by these beauties is great, from soft murmur and loud meows to nightingale trills. The friendliness of these cats helps them to find a common language with all the inhabitants of the house, including with other pets, with whom they often play and have fun. The Toygers can be taken to ride with the harness or travel with him in the car. He is also a cat who loves water.

If you are looking for a kind, affectionate, sweet, and faithful cat, the Toyger is for you!

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